8 roulette techniques

Techniques for playing online casino games to get money from roulette games with 8 easy ways to play

One thing that makes Roulette become a popular gambling game. Until being called the king of online casinos Not because playing and earning a lot of money or making good profits, but it’s good at being easy. Just place a bet, spin the wheel, sit and wait for the results, so players don’t have to think much. I’m only interested in what kind of bet, how much it pays, but would it be better if we knew how to help us have a better chance of winning? Don’t waste money And this is the source of the 8 techniques that will be presented today itself.


Is there a real formula for playing roulette?

Many people may wonder. Is there a real roulette formula? The game itself doesn’t have much. Do you need a formula to play? If anyone studies how to play roulette Let’s come to know that there is a lot that we do not know, especially the roulette formula that is rarely talked about. Because most people tend to be accustomed to playing just Teng, Hunchback, High-Low, Even-Odd, Black-Red, just around here. When they can’t play, they blame each other. In fact, it’s because I don’t know how to use a separate formula.


Popular money making roulette formula,

although roulette has up to 10 types of betting patterns, but the heart of playing to get money, there are only 8 main ways, namely

1. Bet on numbers above the clouds

Talk about betting on numbers Most people tend to think that it is a single number bet and it is a very high risk bet, but ask first if it is necessary that we have to bet on a single number, or not, in playing roulette, we can Can bet on many numbers at the same time, just set the pattern as a favorite bet. Like when we buy lottery tickets When we bet on multiple numbers, it is a spread of risks in the body. No need to spend money on any number. Take that large sum of money, spread out a little bit by number. When it comes up, you get a profit of up to 35 times. Let’s take it easy. Let’s say I have 350 baht. I bet on 10 baht per number. 35 numbers. There must be one that hit. And we will get a refund of 360 baht including capital (profit of 10 baht is still good) unless it’s really unlucky, that is, it goes out to the number that we didn’t bet. Which has only 2 numbers, how to bet on the number to have a chance to make a profit We will analyze the roulette wheel from the roulette wheel, it can be seen that it is divided into 4 numbered zones:

• Jue is the range of numbers that we will bet on. Suppose we want to bet 0 as the main character, we will also bet on numbers that are close to 0 by counting to the end of the left 4 numbers and the right 2 numbers (like in case of lack of time the wheel stops spinning), this zone is considered a zone to do Most Profitable

• Voisins du Zero is an extended range of numbers surrounding Jue. It can also be profitable. But maybe not as much as Jue.

• Orphelins is the zone that we will not bet.

• Tiers du Cylindre is the opposite side of the zone to stab.

2. Center to create a chance to win.

Usually, we are familiar with the word high-low bet because it divides the numbers into 2 groups: the low group is 1-18, the high group is 19-36, but when we really get into it, we can divide the numbers into 3 groups as well. The division of zones is 1-12 is low, 13-24 is neutral, and 25-36 is high. Now let’s see how we can use the roulette formula to bet in the middle. We will use this formula in conjunction with high-low bets. By betting on the number in the middle group is 13-24 because this group has both low and high numbers in it. This means that we will have more chances to win. Which is consistent with the winning principles of gambling that are random numbers, such as lottery or dice, most of them tend to come out in the middle when drawing the graph out to be like an upside down bell. Do not forget that all types of gambling are based on statistical values ​​and probabilities always go hand in hand.

3. Read event statistics.

That it’s about statistics. Who wants to be a professional gambler? or earn snacks from playing At any online casino, one thing to pay attention to is the statistics. We will use this here to analyze that in the future, there is a chance that there will be more. Assuming it has been low for 3 times and then out high, next time we can bet high accordingly. Because if in the long run, it has the same chance of going high and low, but if the result comes out alternately high and low We can stab each other accordingly. Here, if anyone has the basics of reading the cards. or playing them dragon tigers, baccarat, something like this Can make a profit is not difficult.

4. Two-way traps make profits,

because roulette is a game that divides numbers into 3 groups, both zones and rows, so we will use the method of placing two groups simultaneously to increase the chances. Win from the beginning, bet on a single group, there is a chance of winning only 1 in 3, but when stabbing two-way or two groups We will have a chance of winning increased to 2 in 3.

5. Diversify the risk by stabbing Tod.

Diversification is the heart of gambling that has it all. For most roulette, rarely use the money walk formula. because it must be calculated to keep up with the event Therefore, toad is the best diversification. If we go back and look at the payout rate of each bet, we will see that if the roulette exits 0, we will lose all. We have to solve the game by stabbing 0 in case of every round, maybe 10 baht per round, because if it really comes out 0, we still get 360 baht back.

6. Small stabbing, but long stabbing.

everyone wants it. money from online casino But placing a lot of bets because hoping for high profits, even if it is a low-risk bet But if it’s lost, it’s a lot too. Therefore, the money should be divided into small sums, gradually stabbing little by little, in addition to having lower risks, it also allows us to enjoy the game for a longer time. Because it can stab many eyes sure enough.

7. Cool, not hot-headed.

Talking about things that have already been received for many times. Let’s talk about some wasted time. Most of the people who are exhausted from gambling come from their heat when playing. Lose it and want it back right away. how is it possible Therefore, every eye that bets should be conscious and carefully analyzed. It’s broken Think it will come back Better than playing without consciousness until lack of money, this one can’t do it.

8. Set profit / loss goals.

A great gambler’s success doesn’t come only from luck or skill in gambling. Setting goals for playing is important for the gambler to have money to spend. can make money from Online casinos every day, they have a simple method, just set a daily playing budget. How much profit do you get to quit? how much is enough Which goal is reached before I stop playing immediately and then come back to play the next day? They don’t care how much they lose today. Or if you continue to play, how much profit will you have? Because they know that every gambling game has a house edge. The longer you play, the more you lose back to the casino.