Open the book, slots, know that you can play without loss. PART 2

Online slots have rules and how to play?

Online slots will have a form of playing with a control button like a slot machine. In the casino, everything but playing online We will have to start by opening User id and making a deposit. Members will receive credit balance. according to the actual deposit amount Then the game operation by pressing Play or Spin to win the results of the symbols to come out in a horizontal,

vertical or diagonal arrangement, each game is arranged differently. There are left-to-right, right-to-left and other variations depending on the slot game you choose to play.

Get to know the buttons, symbols and vocabulary in slot games.

First of all, I have to say that at present, online slots make many games to play in many different ways. Therefore, each game has a different symbol. We must understand the symbols in each game. Each symbol is designed and has different rewards. But in every game, every camp has the same main symbols as follows:

• Lines is the number of lines displayed. that players can play from 1 line up to 30 Lines depending on the game

• Line Bet is the number of bets that we choose to risk down. Players can set a variety of options.

• Balance is the total amount of all members’ credits.

• Spin is Control button to start spinning. for sound guessing for symbols

• Total Bet is the amount of credit that we have wagered at that time.

• Auto Spin is an automatic control button. can be determined that how many times will it be played


  • Pay table is a menu button for viewing details of slot games. that the symbol pay-out rate How much

    is • Win is the amount that members get to place a bet at that time

    • Max Bet is a button to click the maximum bet, both Lines and amount

    • Scatter is a symbol used to represent the Scatter in the slots game itself. is an exception because no need to go up pay line for you • Wild is a special symbol that can be substituted for any image to give a set of images a reward like a free or a Joker that can be substituted for all symbols except the Scatter symbol.

    • A bonus is a symbol that we bet and receive. Bonus from the spin itself Because normal bonuses are awarded according to the bonus symbol as a substitute symbol. Or keep adding money to the gambler itself.

    • Free spins is a free spin symbol. which allows us to place bets by Do not place bets but there is an opportunity to receive bonuses. OR MONEY

    • Re-spin is your last spin. The bet will be repeated

    and here are the basic buttons, symbols and vocabulary. address in slot games that you often meet but in spite of all that, as I said, slots games nowadays are made in many different types, so some games may have different symbols. So, you need to study or read the manual of the game as well.